Turning Tables Dining Top 8 Party Planning Tips

It’s that time of year, from communions to confirmations it’s all go go go…

Here are our top tips to make  your party that little bit easier on you.

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1. Build the party around the budget, not the budget around the party.

Home Catering 2. It’s your home not a restaurant, people don’t expect a 3 course meal, 1 or 2 good tasty dishes will keep everyone happy.

3. Give yourself permission to outsource the hard parts, find a catering company that suits your party style.

home catering4.  Nothing is worse than having to trapes past your guests with a bag full of rubbish, a little tidy around the kitchen will save you hassle on the day & the dishwasher is the perfect spot to hide the dirty dishes.

Party Catering5.  If you want your guests to arrive at 6pm tell them 5.30pm,  some people don’t seem to know how to tell the time.

6. Pop them into the fridge a day or so before hand, one of our recent customers was thinking out side the box, she got a big bag of ice from the local bar &  stashed it in the washing machine while waiting guests to arrive, all the water drain off into the machine

Party Catering7. It’s your party so don’t be afraid to grab a drink & be a guest at your own party

party catering8. The worse part of any party, but ask your caterers do they provide crockery & cutlery, a few less things for you to clean up.

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