Barbeque Time

Barbeque Time

The sun is poking through the cloudy sky & the beer gardens are packed, it can only mean one thing… it’s barbeque time!

It’s funny people associate barbeque’s with family, fun & beer, but cooking on a barbeque requires a hands on approach and requires skill and patience. Remember you’re cooking over FIRE! So to help you (and me) I’ve asked our chefs for their top tips.

PATIENCE IS KEY.. wait for the flames to die down a little. If you’re cooking over coals they should be grey & glowing before you start cooking, that way they are at their hottest & the heat is even.

YOU NEED TOOLS… we’ve all flipped a burger to two right over the barbeque or cremated a sausage because our hand was burning over the grill. A heavy duty oven glove & long thong will save you from the barbeque war wounds and help you look like a pro

HOMEMADE… head to the butchers and get some good quality mince with a decent amount of fat, then add nothing but salt and pepper and you’ve got some cracking burgers. 

SMOKED FISH… we always forgot about fish when barbecuing, but think about this, smoked cod, smoked salmon!

IT’S ALL ABOUT THE FLAVOUR… marinading is key and marinading over night is what you should be aiming for. You don’t want the smoke from the grill to over power the food and flavours.

DECENT SIDES… sides shouldn’t be an after-thought, there is no need to go all cave man and carnivores. Potato salad, corn on the cod & breads are great for mopping up all that marinade from the plate. 

WHY DIY… love the non cooking side of the barbeque, then get in the professionals in. Our skilled chefs will cook and plate all of your barbeque food for you and your guests allowing to be a guest at your own party. Turning Tables can also provide any additional equipment that you might need, such as marquees and wait staff.  So let us caterer your Barbeque while you enjoy the food and fun.

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